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ďA business saved is a business earned.Ē

Shani Hargil

According to the Harvard Business Review
70% of turnarounds fail.

Why? Some solutions focus on short-term economics of a business; the results are quick, however, not sustainable. Other firms focus on human aspects only and take too long.

Whatís missing?

Turnaround Investment Partners was conceived to fill that gap. We are turnaround specialists who focus on the economics as well as the human element of a business. We partner with our clients to create successful, sustainable turnarounds. We integrate strategies to optimize financial as well as organizational structures.

TIPís approach rewards all stakeholders, fulfills short-term strategies and creates breakthroughs in long-term success, without disrupting current operations. Our goal is to immediately increase valuation, revenues and profitability. In addition, delivery of products and services, employee contribution and customer satisfaction improves at unprecedented levels.

Our involvement allows the company to stay focused on satisfying clients and increasing competitiveness.

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