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Team - Ted Santos

CEO Turnaround Investment Partners


Mr. Ted Santos is skilled at reinventing companies and individuals. Over the past 25 years, he has reinvented himself several times. He has been a sales trainer, executive manager, entrepreneur, executive coach, and currently Chairman of an organization that provides high value services to CEOs of midsize to large corporations.

In addition, over a 2 ˝ year period, he lived in 8 different countries throughout Latin America. There he spent time researching leaders in the jungles of Belize and Costa Rica where money was not a competitive edge to Acapulco, Mexico where the culture of doing business was contrary to the US.

In 2006, Mr. Santos coined the term Disruptive Leadership Model. It is designed to intentionally create problems in an organization. It empowers companies to innovate. It helps them identify and exploit new opportunities and penetrate untapped markets. From there, the focus becomes the building organizational and financial structures to support and sustain profitable growth. He uses this proprietary methodology to work with CEOs who are committed to drive innovation at the enterprise or division level as well as transform culture such that it supports the new strategic direction.

As Chairman of the Board of Veteran CEOs, Mr. Santos is responsible for developing strategic direction. He also recruits former CEOs of Fortune 1000s to lead roundtable discussions and provide guidance and mentorship to sitting CEOs of mid cap companies. In this role, he is able to provide direction to scale BoV’s value proposition to major cities throughout the US. Additionally, through his efforts, BoV has expanded its offering to middle market CEOs by creating innovative platforms designed to educate and develop CEOs in a confidential environment with peers.

In the past, as an executive, he stabilized businesses that were growing faster than they could manage and turned around enterprises that were significantly under performing. In each case, he developed innovative services that helped distinguish the company from its competitors.

In his first entrepreneurial endeavor, he founded a translation company that helped businesses solve the problem of translating the culture of marketing campaigns and web sites that were targeted to non-English speaking audiences. In his second endeavor, he founded a turnaround firm that solved the problem of why 90% of turnarounds fail. He and his team worked with management to turnaround culture as well as organizational and financial structures.

Mr. Santos formerly served on the Board of A Caring Hand, a non-profit organization. He was instrumental in raising vital funds. He was also the Co-Chair for the sales and marketing segment of NYSIA (New York Software Industry Association).

Mr. Santos attended Howard University as marketing major and very proficient in Spanish and Portuguese. He completed board training through Boardology 400 conducted by Boardroom Bound on the art and science of corporate board governance.

After the loss of his parents, Mr. Santos raised his youngest sister. He continues to practice the discipline of a high performing athlete by training to compete in track and field events – 200-meter race.