With over twenty years of experience, our founding partner has designed methodologies for companies seeking a rapid return to profitability and an increase in earnings. The combined experience of our team brings decades of expertise spanning from performance assessment to cash flow sculpting as well as changing organizational DNA — shifting corporate culture — for midsize and larger companies.

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Ted Santos
CEO Turnaround Investment Partners

Mr. Ted Santos is skilled at reinventing companies and individuals. Over the past 25 years, he has reinvented himself several times. He has been a sales trainer, executive manager, entrepreneur, executive coach, and currently Chairman of an organization that provides high value services to CEOs of midsize to large corporations.

In addition, over a 2 ˝ year period, he lived in 8 different countries throughout Latin America. There he spent time researching leaders

Richard Goeglein
Vice Chairman, The Board of Veteran CEOs

For over 40 years, Richard Goeglein has served as a senior executive in the restaurant, hotel, and gaming sectors. In positions such as CEO, President, Chairman, and Director, he has engaged in a variety of corporate activities, from mergers and divestitures to business development and IPO’s.

As Vice Chairman for The Board of Veteran CEOs, Richard supports high-level strategic development and expansion, assembly of retired CEOs, and the forging of alliances with the private equity, hedge fund, and investment community. In addition to supporting BOV’s growth initiative, he also serves as an Advisory Member to sitting CEO members.

Cheryl Wilson
Chief Strategy Officer

Cheryl Wilson is a proven leader and seasoned financial expert with more than 37 years of successful financial and operations management performance support for both domestic and international companies. Having spent 26 years, 18 of those years as a partner, with one of the world’s largest public accounting firms, Cheryl has supported clients from early stage growth to Fortune 500 public companies.

Cheryl has first hand knowledge of the demands and expectations facing both board members and corporate executives. During the past 30 years, Cheryl has served on 15 boards and 5 audit committees of private companies, and professional, civic, and non-profit organizations.

Morris Bocian
Chief Financial Officer

Over the past 35 years, Morris Bocian has been a CFO, consultant, teacher, lecturer, advisor, and author on a wide variety of business topics. Throughout his professional career, Price Waterhouse & Co, the IRS and a corporation belonging to the national securities company employed him. He has a wealth of experience in business and strategic planning, financing, business negotiations and deal-making,

Currently, Mr. Bocian provides advisory services to position and package mid-sized businesses through counseling and guidance for growth strategies, risk management, cash flow management, credit, funding and the Due Diligence process.

Laine Harris
Executive Coach

For the past 10 years, Laine Harris has worked as an executive coach. His extensive experience and eclectic background on which to draw has strengthened Turnaround Investment Partners (TIP) ability to expand its one-on-one coaching services.

Laine instills entrepreneurial leadership in a select clientele of high performing as well as underperforming business owners and managers in midsize to Fortune 500 corporations. Through his coaching expertise, managers who are struggling to move their career to the next level experience breakthroughs in communication, workplace performance and the ability to effectively deploy human resources.