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Team - Richard Goeglein

Vice Chairman, The Board of Veteran CEOs

For over 40 years, Richard Goeglein has served as a senior executive in the restaurant, hotel, and gaming sectors. In positions such as CEO, President, Chairman, and Director, he has engaged in a variety of corporate activities, from mergers and divestitures to business development and IPOís.

As Vice Chairman for The Board of Veteran CEOs, Richard supports high-level strategic development and expansion, assembly of retired CEOs, and the forging of alliances with the private equity, hedge fund, and investment community. In addition to supporting BOVís growth initiative, he also serves as an Advisory Member to sitting CEO members.

Early in his career he became a Corporate Vice President and COO of W.R. Grace & Co.ís Consumer Services and Products Group. This group operated over 50 businesses worldwide and had a revenue size north of 1.5 Billion.

In his first role as CEO, he clearly demonstrated his ability to be a high performing executive by bringing several food and beverage chains under his wing, uniting Orange Julius, Loveís Family Restaurants, and others. They were merged to form Uniworld Foods, which became a subsidiary of NYSE listed company, International Industries, Inc.

From International Industries, he went on to be Executive Vice President and Director at Holiday Corporation, where he spent 10 years. During that time, he oversaw the divestiture of many of Holidayís non-core entities. He also led the acquisition of Harrahís Hotels & Casinos, where he became CEO while remaining EVP and Director of Holiday Inns. Through Richardís leadership, Harrahís became the biggest gaming company in the world and the lionís share of parent company Holiday Corporationís net income. In time, Richard became President, COO, and Director of Holiday Corporation.

After leaving Holiday Corporation, Richard became involved in a number of different projects. He was instrumental in the restructuring and turning around Dakin, a world premier toy design, development, and distribution company. He took on the management and development of several gaming companies, like The Dunes in Las Vegas, Sky Ute Lodge and Casino in Colorado, and others.

In 1997, Richard joined Aladdin Gaming Holdings and Aladdin Gaming. As President, and later CEO, Richard was a crucial element to Aladdinís development. He raised 600M in financing, created the management team, and managed the planning and opening of the resort.

Since 2003, Richard has served on the board of Pinnacle Entertainment. Currently he is the Non Executive Chairman. He also owns and manages Evening Star Holdings LLC, a strategic consulting and travel services company. As an entrepreneur, he and his wife, Andrea, acquired, owned and operated 2 Choice brand hotels in Arizona.