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Articles - Press Release - “CEO Leadership Workshop: Driving Sustainable Innovation and Revenue Growth”

June 28, 2007, New York, NY: FACT: In the mind of most CEOs there’s a lofty idea brewing. However, research studies show that, if introduced, the CEO believes his or her idea will create chaos in the organization because staff and management aren’t prepared to execute lofty ideas. As a result, many CEOs spend time putting out fires and resolving problems, instead of executing their greatest ideas.

As a leader, is chaos something you want to get rid of as soon as possible? Have you become an expert at putting out fires or do you spend most of your time doing what you do best? The greatest leaders have a mindset and tools to navigate their organizations through change or chaos. More importantly, they can identify opportunities in chaos and make certain their people remain focused on fulfilling their vision -- that great idea. Turnaround Investment Partners (TIP) invites you to join an interactive workshop specifically designed for CEOs. In this interactive workshop, you will learn what distinguishes great CEOs from the average. You will develop practices and understand why leaders who intentionally create problems for their people to solve are more effective at driving innovation and accelerating revenue growth when compared to CEOs who solve problems.

In this workshop, leaders develop the mindset, skills and competencies for effectively navigating their enterprise through change and chaos.

TIP, a professional management firm, is leading this workshop. Our experience as CEOs and executives of Fortune 500 corporations has allowed us to design a leadership model based on the mindset, tools, skills, and competencies of extraordinary leaders.

Our clients develop abilities that are equivalent to “Ace” airplane pilots who successfully fly planes through hurricanes. Their ability to handle problems, disruptions and chaos differentiates them from other pilots. As the CEO and pilot of your organization, come acquire tools which will empower you to differentiate yourself and your company.

This event is sponsored by CresaPartners. CresaPartners is an international corporate real estate advisory firm that exclusively represents tenants/space users and specializes in the delivery of fully integrated real estate services. With 47 North American offices, CresaPartners is one of the largest pure tenant representation firms in the U.S. and Canada. www.cresapartners.com

July 25th, 2007 from 8am-12 Noon Limited to 20 CEOs

To register call: 888 471-3660 or http://www.turnaroundip.com/workshopceo.html

Contact: Ted Santos tsantos@turnaroundip.com 646 285-1521