Organizational Assessment – GIAnT (Great Idea Alignment Tool)

What percentage of your project budgets account for push back, lack of collaboration or operational performance gaps? What percent of those budgets are wasted due to ineffective decisions? Does your budget account for it?

When 30% of project costs are wasted due to poor communication1, other factors such as resistance, lack of collaboration and poor decision-making will only further erode project budgets. In addition, those same variables can easily cause go-to-market strategies to exceed projected timetables. This causes lost revenue, market share and profits, not to mention the opportunity cost of market leadership.

What if CEOs and Division leaders could mitigate the risks of failed go-to-market strategies? What if they knew where the push back and lack of collaboration would occur and why?

To help leaders navigate through such uncertainty, TIP created the GIAnT. It was designed to measure an organization¹s readiness to execute large-scale initiatives. It also mitigates the risks of:

  • Wasted time in go-to-market strategies
  • Lost revenue from stalled or failed initiatives
  • Missed opportunities

For the Board and CEO who hesitates to launch new initiatives, the GIAnT provides a virtual walk through of the entire organization. It will allow them to understand the conversations at the water cooler that derails initiatives.

With that intelligence, leadership can mitigate resistance and reduce waste in budgets, resulting in increased cash flow and operating margins. In addition, they can reduce timelines for go to market strategies. The benefit is increased revenue, market share and profits as well as an enhanced competitive edge.

How it Works
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