Turnaround Investment Partners works with leadership to develop financial, operational and organizational strategies. The strategies are designed to save time and focus on what’s missing as opposed to figuring out what’s wrong. At critical times, we partner with leadership to implement innovative management strategies. That way, leadership is able to more effectively turnaround the business and navigate through a constantly changing competitive environment.

We also partner with management to identify and deploy its most valuable knowledge workers. This gets key people throughout the organization involved in embracing new strategies and builds momentum for organizational change. It also allows leadership to delegate new accountabilities to knowledge workers who are capable and committed to taking on new responsibilities. Leadership is then positioned to fulfill immediate short-term financial obligations, while developing sustainable long- term strategies.

  • Creating New Visions
  • Declaring a New Future
  • Building Senior Leadership Teams
  • Delegating
  • Succession Planning
  • Breakthrough Project

Disruptive Leadership Model™

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