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Team - Laine Harris

Executive Coach

For the past 10 years, Laine Harris has worked as an executive coach. His extensive experience and eclectic background on which to draw has strengthened Turnaround Investment Partners (TIP) ability to expand its one-on-one coaching services.

Laine instills entrepreneurial leadership in a select clientele of high performing as well as underperforming business owners and managers in midsize to Fortune 500 corporations. Through his coaching expertise, managers who are struggling to move their career to the next level experience breakthroughs in communication, workplace performance and the ability to effectively deploy human resources.

While coaching a 27-year old Harvard MBA at a multi-national bank, Laine was faced with the task of turning a high performing EVP into the youngest Managing Director in the bank’s history. Although this EVP had recently made the largest bonus in his career, his superiors thought he lacked the leadership skills to serve as MD. During the year Laine provided executive coaching services, the EVP increased his bonus by 80%, which put him solidly on track to become the youngest MD. More importantly, he had developed the skills to lead executive teams.

Prior to joining the team at TIP, Laine was an executive coach with VSA Consulting Group, a New York City transformational coaching firm. He worked with Entrepreneurs, Corporate Executives, Sales Teams and Management Teams to overcome barriers and learn new skills and competencies to produce breakthroughs in their performance.

His background in various professions has allowed him to approach business from many different perspectives. In fact, he has built strong competencies for taking a panoramic view as to what is impeding career growth for clients and solutions to overcome the impediments. Before he became an executive coach, his careers ranged from City Fireman, Building Contractor, Professional Dancer, and Commercial Pilot to Real-estate Developer. Trained in Hypno Therapy, he is also a Reiki practitioner and certified Yoga teacher as well as a certificated NLP practitioner. His style of coaching is creative, confronting, and fun while focused on producing tangible, real world results.

Laine currently lives in Hamden, Connecticut with his wife Jennifer. He and his wife dance together and teach Swedish and Norwegian folk dance. Laine still finds time to play in his 12-piece Gypsy Brass Band, Zlatne Uste.