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The Board of Veteran CEOs was created to provide the kind of world-class counsel that is made available to CEOs of Fortune 500s. Why? Because many middle market companies experience the same challenges as Fortune 500s. Except, they operate without access to the same internal and external resources. The Board of Veteran CEOs was created to serve as a resource to bridge the resource gap. The Board of Veteran CEOs is an exclusive forum of 12-15 CEOs from mid-sized companies, both public and private with revenues between $100-$500 million. It is designed to be a knowledge transfer from a panel of prominent former CEOs now willing to spend their time as senior counselors to sitting CEOs. In addition, this forum will allow for peer-to-peer information sharing, networking and relationship building.

For the November forum, one of the panelists, Bob Holland, is the former CEO of Ben & Jerry’s. He will join us to provide his insight, knowledge and experience and to share leadership challenges he faced during his 40-year career. Former CEOs like Mr. Holland enjoy getting to know today’s business leaders and hearing how they are reacting to and addressing the challenges they face in these difficult economic times. Through these CEO-to-CEO exchanges, experienced business leaders like Mr. Holland remain close to the battle-lines.

In addition to Bob Holland, our panel also includes Robert Kam Kamerschen and Tom Presby. Mr. Kamerschen is the former CEO of ADVO, Inc. (NYSE), Max Factor and RKO/Six Flags. Mr. Presby is the former CEO of Deloitte’s Wall Street practice and later CEO of Deloitte’s Central European and Russian offices.

As the Chairman of The Board of Veteran CEOs, I am committed to building a community of CEOs. More importantly, I look forward to providing a platform where CEOs are able to discuss their concerns and challenges in a confidential setting with veteran CEOs willing to engage in a knowledge transfer of their experience, skills and competencies.

Please join me at The Board of Veteran CEOs to be held over breakfast at:

100 Park Avenue, 24th floor
Manhattan, NY
Thursday: November 5th
From 7:30 a.m.-9:30 a.m.

If you are interested in more information about The Board of Veteran CEOs, our senior CEO advisors, and our current CEO members, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at 888-471-3660.

Ted Santos