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The Board of Veteran CEOs was created to provide the kind of world-class counsel that is made available to CEOs of Fortune 500s. Why? Because many middle market companies experience the same challenges as Fortune 500s. Except, they operate without access to the same internal and external resources. The Board of Veteran CEOs was created to serve as a resource to bridge the resource gap.

The Board of Veteran CEOs is an exclusive forum of 12-15 CEOs from mid-sized companies, both public and private with revenues between $100-$500 million. It is designed to be a knowledge transfer from a panel of prominent former CEOs now willing to spend their time as senior counselors to sitting CEOs. In addition, this forum will allow for peer-to-peer information sharing, networking and relationship building.

For the January meeting, it is our pleasure to welcome Bill Nuti, Chairman & CEO of NCR. Bill has made himself available to lead the discussion on one of the most pressing issues in organizations: change.

Because of the constant change businesses face during this economic environment and beyond, Bill will focus on “making change a corporate value”. Bill has successfully created a culture within NCR where change is one of the corporate values. Joining Bill to lead the discussion will be John Bruno, Executive Vice President, Industry Solutions Group at NCR. In the roundtable discussion, this dynamic duo will engage you in a conversation about their tactical and strategic successes and failures for aligning NCR on change. You and other sitting CEOs will have the opportunity to ask Bill and John tough questions as well get their perspective on your initiative to make change a corporate value. More importantly, they will speak about how to build change into your strategy such that, it fosters new thinking, innovation and allows the CEO to effectively make bold moves?

As the Chairman of The Board of Veteran CEOs, my charge remains, to build a platform where you can discuss in a small group your most essential CEO concerns in a frank and confidential exchange. I am more committed than ever to deliver on this charge, and am excited about this upcoming forum. I look forward to seeing you at the next Board of Veteran CEOs’ forum at:

100 Park Avenue, 24th floor
Manhattan, NY
Friday: January 22nd
From 7:30 a.m.-9:30 a.m.

Please confirm you are attending with Ellen, my assistant.
If you are interested in more information about The Board of Veteran CEOs, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at 888-471-3660.

Kind Regards,
Ted Santos