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How it works

Through the GIAnT, TIP’s team of financial experts, senior executives and psychologists are able to identify and quantify the factors that increase costs for projects and cause go-to-market strategies to fall short of their completion dates.

The GIAnT is an organizational satellite that provides a comprehensive vertical and horizontal picture of your organization. It indicates who is prepared for an initiative, how prepared they are, and what it will take to get staff prepared. The GIAnT consists of more than 200 items that measure 18 human factors that will drive or derail an initiative, such as urgency, innovation, ownership, commitment, trust and sabotage. These items are based on a combination of cutting-edge research, organizational and leadership development theory, and the collective coaching and consulting experience of the tool’s creators.

The GIAnT is unique in several ways. First, it is individually tailored to assess preparedness for a specific organization initiative (i.e. the “great idea”). Second, whereas most comprehensive assessments focus on individual executives, the GIAnT assesses the organization as a whole. Third, many of the companies that use assessment tools to inform decision-making limit themselves to employee feedback surveys. These tools often indicate what people are saying but not what caused them to feel the way they do. The GIAnT, on the other hand, indicates not simply if people believe in an initiative, but why they do or don’t. Finally, the GIAnT corrects for positive and negative impression management; in other words, the degree to which respondents portrayed themselves or their organization in an exaggeratedly favorable or unfavorable light.

The GIAnT is administered online to each employee. The report is organized in a topdown format, beginning with a broad snapshot of the organization at 50k feet, and then drilling down by variables of interest. The tool indicates the percentage of the organization as a whole and the percentage of each business unit that is aligned, resistant, conflicted/ambivalent, and apathetic towards the initiative.

Leadership can take this information and use it to decide whether the organization is ready for a costly initiative. Since results are also provided for each business unit, company leaders are able to determine where the most and least support lies. Once they have this information in hand, they can decide which geographical or functional unit would be optimal for the disruptive initiative’s launch.

Perhaps most importantly, the GIAnT indicates why staff are either aligned or pushing back. Company leaders can use this insight to exploit the factors supporting alignment and to correct the factors causing push back.

The entire assessment process spans about 4 weeks, depending on the needs of the client, and includes: aligning leadership on an initiative and individualizing the GIAnT accordingly, a proprietary solution to maximize employee completion rate of the GIAnT, experientially based feedback sessions to leadership and staff, and action plan development and execution.

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