Financial Solution

In times of transition, the most pressing need is cash flow. While a quick infusion of cash seems like “the answer”, there are often less costly possibilities. To start, in our analysis, we explore both short and long-term innovative solutions. Our first commitment is to immediately increase cash flow while at the same time lower the cost of funds.

Through the partnership, our clients have an outside observer with a vested interest. Our commitment is to increase stakeholder value. However, cutting costs alone will not create prosperity. We engage our clients in rewarding solutions for increasing funds while simultaneously reducing expenses. Although this may not be the easiest approach, it brings the most lucrative results—higher multiples, higher stock prices, higher earnings, more job opportunities, higher morale, better compensation, and more strategic opportunities.

Some of the solutions we explore are:

  • Lengthening accounts payable cycles
  • Delaying payments to banks and creditors
  • Relaxing bond covenants
  • Quicker accounts receivable collections
  • Monetizing some accounts receivable

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