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About Turnaround Investment Partners

Turnaround Investment Partners is the top source for stabilizing companies growing faster than management can handle or companies severely underperforming. Our team is composed of leaders with extensive experience in several business disciplines.

  • Creating sound financial infrastructures, investment banking and securities analysis.

  • Strategy, leadership development, driving innovation, and organizational change.

Our value proposition is based on delivering two diverse yet complementary business approaches. One is to quickly maximize financial efficiency. With that, we look at conventional and non-conventional ways to increase cash flow. We look at operational, supplier and debt structures to reduce expenses. The other approach is through executive training and development. In addition, we provide training and tools for staff and management to make the imminent changes in corporate culture. That way, there is a new culture; one that is aligned with the company¹s vision and can adapt to new economic and competitive conditions in the future.

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